Sermon Series "At the Movies"

Current Sermon Series: "At the Movies"


Summertime is a time for many favorite pastimes – cookouts, swimming, fairs, baseball games, etc. It also is a time many of the big movies of the year come out. Why? Because along with the holiday season, the summer is one of the two times where movie companies can capitalize on greater availability for people to see movies. After all, schools are out, people are going on vacation, and the hot weather causes some to want to take a break in an airconditioned theater for a couple of hours. So, all of this together equals maximum profits!

But did you ever stop and think about how movies can provide glimpses at our faith? Yes, although some movies may seem like mindless action or dialogue, for the most part we can discover themes surrounding our faith in lots of movies. So, for the next few weeks, we will take a look at some movies and how they tackle certain issues of faith. Come take a journey to the movies and discover our faith present on the red carpet!

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